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Vestagen Technical Textiles is a global innovator in the development of advanced fabric technologies that provide comfortable, easy to use, continuous protection to the wearer.  Our Vestex® fabric is engineered to repel fluids from the outside, wick away moisture from the inside, and control odor caused by bacteria with an imbedded antimicrobial.  Each of these benefits lasts the life of the fabric.  Vestex technologies can be adapted for a variety of uses and applications, from health care to athletic products.  Vestagen is led by a skilled management team that has over a century of experience in healthcare, apparel, and meeting consumer needs. Our passion is creating protective garments through technological innovation.


    • 08 APR 14
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    White Coats with Technological Advances are Here to Stay.

    White Coats with Technological Advances are Here to Stay.

    To draw attention to the role healthcare worker attire can play in transmitting pathogens, Vestagen Technical Textiles, Inc. today launched a “Keep the Coat” awareness campaign. The effort intends to bring understanding that, with new technological advancements, what care providers wear can actually become a line of defense for them, their patients and their families.

    Vestex fabrics are engineered to have robust liquid repellency and embedded antimicrobial properties, along with enhanced breathability and comfort.

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