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Northwell Becomes New York’s First Major Health System to Implement Vestagen’s VESTEX® Protective Attire

Northwell Becomes New York’s First Major Health System to Implement Vestagen’s VESTEX® Protective Attire

Peer Reviewed Hospital-Based Study Shows Reduced Acquisition and Retention of Microorganisms on Garments Made with VESTEX Fabric

ORLANDO, FL – August 16, 2016 – Vestagen Protective Technologies, Inc. today announced that medical professionals at Cohen Children’s Medical Center in New Hyde Park, NY and North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset, NY are now wearing scrubs and lab coats protected by Vestagen’s proprietary VESTEX® fabric. Both hospitals are part of Northwell Health, one of the nation’s largest healthcare systems with 21 hospitals and more than 61,000 employees, making Northwell the largest private employer in the state of New York.

VESTEX combines innovative fluid-repellency, antimicrobial and breathability technologies designed for everyday protection from unanticipated exposure to body fluids and the associated possibility of microorganism transmission. A peer reviewed hospital-based study published in a leading medical journal showed reduced acquisition and retention of microorganisms on VESTEX scrubs compared to conventional healthcare uniforms.

VESTEX has earned an exclusive endorsement from the American Hospital Association following a rigorous due diligence process and is now being adopted by a number of leading US healthcare institutions. Northwell Health is the first system in the New York region to switch to VESTEX uniforms.

“Northwell Health is the largest healthcare provider in New York and we are delighted that they are leading the way in adopting active barrier uniforms protected by VESTEX,” said Bill Bold, Chief Executive Officer of Vestagen. “The decision to provide VESTEX-protected uniforms to the healthcare staff at two of their premier institutions is a tangible sign of Northwell’s commitment to their employees and patients. They also have been forward-looking in working with us to create an internet-based store designed and operated solely for use by Northwell staff, which simplifies and facilitates access to VESTEX uniforms. The roll-out has proceeded very smoothly to date and we look forward to working with additional Northwell facilities going forward.”

Peter Silver, MD, Medical Director at Cohen Children’s Medical Center, noted that the introduction of the new VESTEX protective apparel is part of the hospital’s overarching efforts to strengthen safety. “Investing in healthcare worker safety, infection prevention and patient safety is paramount to our organization and embedded in our culture of care,” he said. “We want our employees to feel safe in the hospital environment, and any effort we can undertake that has the potential to reduce their exposure to contaminants while they are at work is extremely important.”

Medical professionals in the hematology-oncology unit at Cohen Children’s Medical Center were the first caregivers in Northwell Health to begin wearing technology-driven VESTEX uniforms. Seven months later, 60 percent of Cohen’s caregivers are in the scrubs and it’s expected that the entire staff there will be fitted for them by October.

“North Shore University Hospital embraced the new technology driven scrubs from the start,” said Kerri Scanlon RN Chief Nursing Officer and Deputy Chief Nurse Executive at North Shore University Hospital. “Partnering with our frontline caregivers improved the design process and provided an opportunity to emphasize the importance of patient and caregiver safety.”

Given the high level of satisfaction with the new uniforms, Northwell Health is considering expanding their use to other hospitals across the health system.

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Vestagen develops and markets advanced performance textile products and technologies. Vestagen has developed VESTEX®, which represents a new class of technology-based, active barrier protective fabrics combining antimicrobial, liquid repellent and breathability properties. VESTEX uniforms and scrubs are designed to protect healthcare workers and their patients from contaminants. Studies conducted in a hospital setting show that VESTEX can prevent or reduce the acquisition and retention of contaminants on the fabric. VESTEX garments are comfortable, durable and affordable. For more information, visit

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