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Fluid Repelling Scrubs Helping Nurses Stop The Spread Of Deadly Bacteria In Hospitals

Fluid Repelling Scrubs Helping Nurses Stop The Spread Of Deadly Bacteria In Hospitals

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NEW YORK, NY – February 10, 2017 – Some hospital nurses are now using a new line of defense when it comes to protecting themselves and patients against dangerous bacteria.

69-year-old Raymond Singer spent four days at Lenox Hill Hospital, and he definitely feels his nurses contributed to his speedy recovery.

What he didn’t know is that these nurses are the first in Manhattan trying out a new type of hospital scrubs, which could end up playing a bigger role in warding off deadly germs.

“I mean, it’s sort of like bullet-proof nurses’ gear, right?” Singer said. “I mean, it’s kind of good.”

The new scrubs are called VESTEX® and they are fluid repellent.

But Vestegen, which makes them, also says they are nearly 100% more effective than the standard ones in repelling difficult-to-treat organisms such as the anti-biotic resistant bacteria known as MRSA.

In addition to the usual anti-infection protocol, that’s like wearing the belt and suspenders to protect patients and staff.

“So that as you’re going in and out of rooms, and you’re leaning against furniture, you’re not harboring extra organisms that again might add risk,” said Irene Macyk, Chief Nurse Executive, Lenox Hill.

Eyewitness figured we’d do our own test. So first we’re tried coffee, cold coffee, on Mariah to see what happens.

A quick dab with a towel and the coffee came right off.

Cranberry juice also yielded a fantastic result, although not 100%.

Lastly, Eyewitness News squirted a popular nutritional supplement onto the scrubs.

Again, you just dab them and it comes right off onto the towel.

The nurses told Eyewitness News that they’re glad that whatever gets on them at work won’t go home with them, like it used to.

“And the old uniforms kind of skeeved me out a bit, but not with these. It feels a lot better to know that I’m going home protected,” said Lizmar Brosnan, a Lenox Hill Hospital nurse.

Most importantly, patients are protected.

Cohen Children’s Hospital and North Shore University on Long Island are also now using the scrubs.

Northwell Health is expected to expand their use system wide in the near future.

About Vestagen and VESTEX®
Vestagen Technical Textiles develops and markets advanced performance textile products and technologies. Its VESTEX® active barrier technology is the first to combine fluid repellent, antimicrobial and breathability properties in one fabric for everyday protection from unanticipated fluid exposure and pathogen transmission. VESTEX is proven in a clinical setting to prevent or reduce the acquisition and retention of contaminants on clothing, reducing methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) on the fabric by 99.99% compared to traditional uniforms. VESTEX is also comfortable, durable and affordable. Product lines, including lab coats, uniforms and patient apparel, are manufactured and sold directly by Vestagen, its retail partners and select distributors. VESTEX fabric is also available for use in garment production by approved licensees. For more information about Vestagen and VESTEX, visit

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